Peñiscola's information.

Peñíscola, at the north of the Comunidad Valenciana, it is in a privileged part of the Spanish Mediterranean Sea. The 79 km2 of the municipality, 17 of which run parallel to the coastline, spread equally between forest areas and warm Mediterranean crops, including he orange, olive and almond trees.

The ancient city, which was crowned by Pope Benedict XIII 's home, a fortress of s. XIV, occupies a mount that rises at 64 meters above the blue sea; joined to the mainland by a handful of sand that long ago was swept by waves during storms, turning the city into an island beach.

In contrast to the old town, they are the new streets and avenues of the tourist area. Warm waters in summer and autumn are spread over the extended sandy beaches on the north. We can see the fortress and beautiful coves flanked by steep cliffs by the south.

Geographic situation

Peñíscola is located next to the Mediterranean sea. East of Spain and halfway between Valencia and Barcelona.

The sports center and other areas are very close to each other we can get to sports center from the Institute through a gateway