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Main activities

The situation of the town, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Serra de Irta mountains, gives the visitor a variety of environments to choose. Its old town retains traces of its most remote past, linked to the Pope Benedict XIII, known as Papa Luna, and attests to the importance of city in the majesty of his castle-fortress. As a complement and contrast old town, you can walk along the promenade care maritime and avenues in the tourist area. All near the extensive beaches by the north and the coves that appears by the south, sheltered by the Sierra de Irta.

Tourist activities

The hill on which stands the old town, where stands the castle of Papa Luna, divides the coast into two halves quite different. The north starts with a large bay of fine golden sand, which opens to set an endless beach that reaches Benicarló. It is the area most cosmopolitan, where the hotels, restaurants and leisure busiest are. To the south, the fishing port serves shelter to another small sandy beach and, from there, the coast breaks and gives way to a rocky coast with small coves of transparent water that invite to practice some scuba diving. Upon reaching the limit of the Sierra de Irta, the cliffs grow and the landscape increases forming coves that sometimes, they are only accessible from the sea, but which discover is a full reward.